and SO WILL YOU !!!

We know that after looking at our site you will come to realize that we build our rods from scratch. We buy our tonkin bamboo from China and perform all the many steps of the bamboo rod building art by hand in our own shop. That means we temper it, split it, straighten and work the nodes, temper the cane, then plane it to a desired taper by hand, and finish. We like to think that we are doing our part to preserve the art of American bamboo rod building for future generations. It takes many years to understand the craft, and to start to perfect the many steps that go into the production of a hand constructed custom bamboo flyrod.

Beware of what you are buying when you decide to add a bamboo rod to your collection. Unfortunately there are many new bamboo rods on Ebay that are mass produced off shore, and sold as custom rods in the US. They are very inexpensive. We have talked to a goodly number of folks that turned sour on bamboo fly rods because they purchased one of these and had a bad experience.  We hope you will take the time to get to know the Rod Maker of the bamboo rod you choose to purchase. It is a personal thing.


Why Bamboo

  • A more flexible tip protects the tippet and results in landing more and larger fish.
  • A bamboo rod stops energy after the fly extends over the water and drops the fly on target like a thistle seed.
  • A cane rod has a slower casting stroke and forgives minor casting errors.
  • Bamboo is just more fun to cast. You feel it in your soul.
  • It is a work of art, with 60-80 hours of hand crafting to make.