Rod Makers

As rod makers our experience is gained from making somewhere around  400 bamboo rods.  When you consider that we can only build 20-25 rods a year, ( it takes 60-80 hours to build each rod), that represents a lot of learning time. We have a grip specialist, a finish guru, an inventor type, and a classic rod specialist.  We loan our skills to each other to form a great deal of  bamboo rod making expertise.

Roger–Ok, truth be known, Roger is our trump card. Having been at the bamboo rod making game for almost 30 years, he is our finish expert and the senior guru that guides the craftsmanship and quality control. Building rods full time on the banks of the awsome Arkansas River.

Dave— Retired from the corporate world, he is the spinning rod, ice rod, Arkansas River guy. A past guide, an active community volunteer, and full time bamboo rod maker and fisherman, who loves to design new tapers for custom rods.  Living and making rods in the Arkansas River Valley