Custom Rods

While we have our standard rods that represent the majority of our sales, we really enjoy making rods from the classic tapers developed during the past 100 year or so. Payne’s, Dickersons and Youngs. If you like our rods, and our style of rod making, drop us and email and let us know what you would like to have, and we will make you and offer that will be hard to refuse.

We also “customize” our existing rods with add on features.  To add a cane grip to any of our rods, add $150.  If you would like to have one of our rods hollow built, add $200 per rod. Want a three piece rod ? add $300.

Example: You want an Arkansas River Rod, hollow built with a cane grip. That would start with a base of $895,  $150 for a cane grip…plus $200 for hollow build, and $300 for 3 piece….your total would be $1295.  For a three piece rod a total of $1545.