Our Rods

Arkansas River Rods has developed a number of rod designs that we find customers asking for frequently. Here is a review of our most asked for rod tapers and their performance and usage.

Arkansas River Rod— This is a seven foot , six inch fast taper  5 wt. rod built especially for walk wade fishing on the Arkansas River.

Antero Special— An eight foot, heavy six wt. rod for boat fishing the hogs of Antero.

Spinny Special–An eight foot , heavy seven wt. rod for boat fishing pike and trout on Spinny Res.

Chalk Creek–A  six foot 8 inch four wt. rod with a very fast tip.

Tomichi — Three piece, four wt, a beauty of a rod for the likes of creeks like the Tomichi

Iowa Ice Rod–With my roots in Iowa, we had to make a 26 inch ice rod

Wisconsin Spinning Rod–made in 6 foot, six inch and seven foot, medium action for pan fish, walleye and bass.