Arkansas River







The Arkansas River Rod is a two piece, two tip rod with medium fast action, made 7 feet 6 inches in length, it is made to throw a 5 weight line.

The Ark River Rod is by far our most popular rod. It is built as a faster action rod, so it will feel a lot like your old graphite rod. It is  a gem of an all around rod for wade fishing rivers like the Arkansas River, where most of your fish will come on nymphing, and be 18 inches or less. Yet, the rod is great for the mighty caddis hatch, and the many BWO hatches that we get early and late in the season. We have tweeked the taper over the past five years, and now have an extreemely nice all around rod for our typical Colorado trout river.

I use this rod almost exclusively, and with an optional cane grip it offers the sensitivity and power you will come to appreciate. It works as a float boat rod as well , but I would recommend and 8 foot, 6 wt, like our Antero Special, if you plan on doing a good deal of fishing on a float trip.

Price of the Arkansas River Rod with a standard cork grip $895.  The rod comes with two tips, a rod sock, and aluminum tube.  For a cane grip add $150.