Chalk Creek






Chalk Creek is a beautiful creek that flows from the divide  to the Arkansas River. It flows under Hwy 285 in the wide spot called Nathrop, about half way between Buena Vista and Salida. A good deal of public water is found on the Chalk Creek below the Ghost town of St. Elmo, a kinda touristy venue, with lots of chipmunks and humming birds. This creek is crystal clear, and a technical water if there ever was one.

Our Chalk Creek rod is 6 feet 8 inches and will cast a four or five weight line. Your casts will be short, with a dry dropper being a standard rig. Lots of willows and really tight casting lanes make roll casting a really usefull tool for getting the flys to the right spot.

This two piece rod comes with two tips, a rod sock, and aluminum tube.  Cost is $895 with two tips and cork grip, You can add a cane grip for $150.