Iowa Ice Fishing

The Iowa Ice Fishing rod started out as kind of a joke. We have a car full of ice fishing guys that head out every Tues, and/or Wed every week to hit Antero Reservoir.  We figured since we made Bamboo rods , that we should fish through the ice with one as well.  BIG HIT !

Now we are getting orders from the Midwest, Iowa, Wis,  Minn, Ill. where ice fishing is a bit more of a big deal than it is here. Something for the ice fishing dude that has everything. This is a nice rod for pan fish and walleye or trout as well. We have caught trout up to 25 inches on one with 4 pound floro tippet.

It is a 26 inch rod, with a medium-heavy action. Made with trout and walleye, in mind, we have caught up to a 25 inch Rainbow on this rod with 6 lb line. It has fuji guides, soft grip, and spinning rod reel rings.  Made with the same TLC as our other rods, and this one will not break unless you slam it in the car door or whittle on it with your pocket knife.

Price is $99, and it comes with a PVC tube and sock. We usually make  a dozen or so each year,

in 2013 we sold out by Christmas…..get your order in now for next ice season.