Wisconsin Spinning

We started making the Wisconsin Spinning Rod in 2009 at the request of a customer in Wisconsin that wanted to give his fishing buddy, a non fly rod type, a bamboo spinning rod. We now offer the rod in two versions, each will handle 6 to 10 pound line.  We did receive a picture of one of our Wisconsin customers with a 35 inch Muskie that he landed on the 6′ 6″ rod on 8 lb line.

  1. A  six foot six inch,
  2. A six foot ten inch.

The longer rod having a slightly softer action. We make these rods with sliding ring cork reel seats, with exposed blank to a 1 1/2 inch cork fighting butt. Pretty cool looking we have been told.

We use Fuji spinning guides, and have epoxy finish on all guide wraps. The building of this rod is different than a fly rod. We have to finish the bamboo rod first with two dips in our finish tank, before we add the guides. (The spinning rod guides are too big to fit into our finishing dip tank.) After the rod blank is finished , THEN we add the guides, and put an epoxy lite finish over the guide wraps.

These rods are shipped in a PVC tube suitable for storage, and have a soft rod sock.

The price for a two piece one tip spinning rod is $695.