Estimated Lead Time

The current delivery time for a new order is approximately 6 to 8 months for all rods. On occasion we have finished rods and/or blanks available for immediate sale. To see current inventory please take a look at the “Current Inventory” page.

How to Order

To discuss details of an order please get in touch with us first via email .


Our policy requests   50% of the total purchase price, as  non-refundable deposit on all rod orders.

We are happy to accept Paypal, checks/ cashier’s checks for deposits and/or final payment. If you are ready to go ahead with an order and would like to send a deposit to secure the next available delivery time, you can send a check to the address listed on my Contact page, or Paypal. If Pay Pal , we will provide our PayPal information for you.

Balance Due

The remaining balance on a rod or blank can be paid anytime before we ready to ship the item. Payment in full must be received and cleared before we can ship. We currently accept personal checks,  cashier’s checks, and Paypal.

We do often have customers who ask to make several payments on their rod or blank in order to spread out the cost. We’re always happy to setup a payment schedule that works best for you be it one payment, one payment a month or anything in between. All incoming deposits and payments are carefully tracked in Quickbooks so you can be sure our bookkeeping is accurate.

Changing an Order

We always happy to make changes and adjustments to your order is we are able

Shipping & Insurance

Within the United States we ship via USPS Priority Mail. Delivery time ranges from 4-8 business days on average. Rods are securely packaged and shipped in a  PVC tube. Shipping and insurance charges will be given to you for payment prior to the completion of the order.


We have put a significant amount of time and effort into testing rods and refining techniques that allow us make the most durable bamboo rods possible. However, things happen and rods still sometimes get damaged or broken. Simply put, if a rod is damaged and it is your fault, we are happy to work with you to repair or replace the part at a reasonable cost. If a rod is damaged and it was our fault, we will rectify the problem at no cost to you except for the expense of shipping the rod or section to us.